School: ZUMBA with Sophie Peterborough

Peterborugh Zumba with Sophie - Latin American Dance Aerobics - Join the PARTY!

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Peterborough Zumba Classes taught by Sophie.

Timetable Here:
Fb: Zumba with Sophie (Peterborough)


Clothes: Wear normal fitness clothes you'd wear to the gym or a dance/fitness class and trainers (aerobics/dance trainers are best rather than running shoes but any will do) & bring plenty of water.

Classes in and around, Peterborough, Stamford, Gunthorpe, Walton, Werrington, Paston, Glinton, Woodston, Fletton, Sugar Way, Orton, Hampton, Yaxley, Stanground, Wansford, Nassington, Stibbington, Castor, Ailsworth, Wittering, Kings Cliffe

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